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Traditionally, the production of wet cast concrete products in prestressed moulds is labour intensive. The production process can include:

  • Spraying moulds with oil
  • Laying prestress wires/strands
  • Distribution of wet concrete
  • Demoulding of cured concrete
  • Cutting of wires/strands
  • Cutting of concrete
  • Transportation of products to stock areas

When carried out by hand, or using equipment that is not designed specifically for the task, these processes can be time consuming. Besides this drawback, it also poses greater risks to health and safety.

Cutting of products and prestressed wires using angle grinders or plasma cutters creates a dusty and hazardous working environment. Recently, the risks around dust, and crystalline silica in particular, have come under the spotlight.

Demoulding and handling of products using other plant, such as forklift trucks and cranes, ties them up when they could be used for other processes within the factory.

The implications of incorrect handling can be damage to products or injury to factory operatives.

Machines for the Production of Prestressed T-beams and Lintels

At ROCO, we’ve used decades of experience and feedback from precast concrete producers to design and manufacture bespoke machinery, solving many of the problems mentioned above.

We know that no two precast factories are the same. Therefore, every machine we build is tailored to meet the production requirements of the customer. This consultation and design process is fundamental to how we work.

Most recently, we’ve been developing a range of machinery for the production of prestressed T-beams. This includes a machine for lifting finished products from the moulds, and a saw for cutting prestress wires flush to the beams.

Here’s a video and some photos from a factory in the UK, where we recently commissioned both:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/c67RAw5Ld3M?rel=0" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Purpose-Built Machinery for Precast Concrete Producers

Using our machines, precast concrete producers are able to reap a number of benefits. Not only do they reduce the cost of manufacture, and achieve a quick payback on investment, they provide a better working environment for factory operatives, and a higher standard of finished product to end users.

In addition to the machines featured, we can provide a range of solutions perfectly matched to each stage of the production cycle.

From simple, manually operated equipment, right through to battery powered and automated machines, each ROCO product is robust, reliable and low-maintenance.

For more information on our range of machines, please visit our Products & Services section. If you’re unsure about their application within your production environment, please get in touch. We have a track record of successfully delivering innovative and bespoke solutions to concrete producers around the world.

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If you would like more information on any of our concrete machinery, please get in touch today. Chances are, one of our existing machines will meet your requirements. If not, we have an excellent track record in delivering innovative and bespoke machinery to concrete producers around the world. We’ll design the perfect solution for you!

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